As we close the curtain of, arguably, the weirdest year in recent history – thanks to the covid-19 pandemic – one wonders what smartphones’ outlook will be in 2021. Will 2021 be a good year for smartphones? While there is no blatant right or wrong answer to this question, we can leverage insights from 2020 and projections from both smartphone manufacturers and the ever-increasing smartphone consumers to predict 2021 from the smartphone industry’s viewpoint.

Navigating the convoluted supply chain network proved to be a daunting task for global phone manufacturers in 2020. The topsy-turvy revenue figures posted by OEMs in 2020 hints that we might expect a similar pattern in 2021. While most phone manufacturers, especially in Europe, generated decent figures in the early parts of Q1 2020, the revenue figures of the second half of Q1 2020 and Q2 2020 coincided with the lockdown period across Europe and the world at large was significantly low. Q3 2020 results indicated a general increase in revenue.

Fonehouse proved to be a reliable retailer of first-rate smartphone and sim card deals in 2020. Its aptly designed online platform for independent phone reviews, feedback, and complaints transcend the typical review site easily found online these days. Having developed a thorough understanding of the smartphone market, Fonehouse is in an excellent position to proffer some guidance into the 2021 smartphone market thanks to online and in-store retail stores. It is expected that the following themes will cut across several smartphone brands in 2021.

Further advancements in Wireless Charging

Wireless or inductive charging utilizes electromagnetic induction to provide electric power to smartphones. While several global brands have started using the technology in a wide range of their products, it still lags behind the more conventional wired mode of charging due to its relatively slower charging speed. We expect the big players in the smartphone industry to include cutting-edge wireless charging features in a significant proportion of the smartphones of 2021.

Flip Phones

Flip phones are back! And this time, they are back for good. Industry giants like Motorola, Alcatel, Samsung, Light Phone, and even Apple have one way or the other being in the news for reasons related to flip phones. We already have phones like the Motorola Razr, Microsoft Surface Duo, Nokia 2720 Flip, Samsung Galaxy Flip, LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen, and Samsung Galaxy Fold that have proved relatively successful in the “Covid-laden” year. Just take a second to imagine the numbers they can churn out in 2021!

5G Technology

5G was arguably the most controversial subject of discussion within the entire technology landscape in 2020. It is expected that data can be transmitted at above 20 gigabits per second with 5G, implying that one can comfortably dump home broadband because of a 5G connection. The impact of 5G is wide-ranging. For example, virtual reality and augmented reality apps will no longer require a Wi-Fi connection to run smoothly; online streaming services will become more readily available and usable. Large file downloads will most take minutes or even seconds to complete.

Gaming Smartphones

The gaming industry is getting larger and larger each passing year as it extends the borders of entertainment and technology. While gaming computer systems have become commonplace, power-gaming smartphones became more significant this year thanks to Nubia Red Magic 5G, ASUS ROG Phone 3, Lenovo Legion Pro, One 8 Plus Pro, and many other fascinating brands. 2021 should be a lot more exciting for gamers.

It is expected that 2021 will require a higher level of thoughtfulness and insight as there will be a proliferation of smartphones and other electronics with trailblazing features in the market. Independent customer reviews are posted regularly about electronic companies in the UK on Britain Reviews. A scan through the website can help you make accurate decisions regarding the purchase of electronics.

By Eliza