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The most widely consumed form of entertainment is digital entertainment. The internet has made it easier to access entertaining activities straight from our smartphones.

Even so, are we at a time when we can say that our internet consumption has crossed the boundary to a point where we are dependent on digital entertainment?

Well, we can argue backward and forwards on this. Some people will say that indeed there has been huge consumption of digital entertainment while some prove otherwise.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why we are dependent of digital entertainment.

Why are we dependent on digital entertainment

  1. Fast 

With a good internet connection, you can access fast forms of digital entertainment like gaming, music, podcast, and TV shows. 

Before choosing the streaming services you may want to read some online streaming services reviews to get other people’s opinions and complaints. 

Don’t just rush to pay. 

  1. Cheap 

Internet service providers have upped their game and it is possible to have your internet speed over 1000 megabits per second.

Of course, it comes at a price. However, you can still get amazing deals and plans at affordable prices.

Just remember to compare these services at before spending the money on any provider. 

  1. Available

In the midst of the pandemic, a lot of people are overwhelmed by boredom and the only form of entertainment is digital entertainment. 

Without knowing between our minds to depend on the internet for entertainment. This becomes a major form of distraction. 

Negatives of digital entertainment

  1. Mindless consumption

The main reason why people find digital entertainment very addictive is because of mindless consumption. 

8/10 times we close some of these social media applications there is nothing of value that has been added to our lives. 

If we do this every day we are practicing to depend on digital entertainment. 

  1. Not good for health

Too much exposure to digital entertainment not only affects your physical health but your mental health as well.

Spending over 10 hours a day either on your phone TV or laptop is not good for your eyes and muscles. 

When you constantly find yourself looking for affirmations or comparing yourself to other people online might lead to mental issues like depression and anxiety. 

  1. Safety

It is very easy to regulate how people behave offline/or around other people in society. For example, minor offices like common assault and disorderly behavior. 

However, the internet is not regulated and it has harbored a lot of criminals from cyberbullies to pedophiles. 

Mindless consumption of digital entertainment their purpose is a lot of security and safety issues.

  1. Cultivates laziness

In many cases what was meant to be a weekend of “Netflix and chill” may easily turn into a week of binging series.  

It is no longer an option to plan to go out with your friends to enjoy a movie at the cinema. Just turn on the TV and we can watch all those shows at £8 a month. 

The more we do this, we become lazy. 

Positives of digital entertainment

  1. There is so much to choose from

Streaming TV services have never gotten any better than this. 

There are so many categories. Podcasts, music, reality TV shows, entertaining short films, movies, series, you name it all they have it all. 

The categories and genres have also been precisely laid out for you, the only thing you have to do is to pick one. 

  1. Cheap good quality entertainment

The pricing of most of these digital entertainment channels is unbeatable.

You can still up to 1080p on 4K resolutions at very affordable prices. 

Ways to create excessive dependency on digital entertainment

  1. Mindful consumption

In a bid to reduce the over-dependence of digital entertainment, you can practice conscious consumption. 

This involves striking a balance between the amount of media you consume in a day. Delete those entertainment apps that tend to consume much of your daily time and focus on those that bring useful information. 

  1. Engage in activities that do not involve the use of the internet

You can also choose to incorporate physical activities that bring entertainment. For example, card and board games. You can also get crafty and pick a new hobby.


As much as we enjoy the invention of technology and the internet it is time we realize that there has been a dependency on digital entertainment.

By Eliza