CGI technology is a process for producing three-dimensional animated images using computer graphics as a whole. CGI is the process of creating still or animated visual content using computer software. As well as digital 3D imaging that can create a more real effect on a scene in a film.

This technology also cannot be separated from what is called the green screen technique. This green screen technique is a medium to support the process of making scenes using CGI technology.

Its production is carried out through several stages, starting with the process of forming basic graphic forms on a computer, which will later be used as the main visual material. Then after that, special effects will be added to the images that have been made to make them look more real.

One example is Avatar: The Way of Water 2022, which is a film that is quite successful in using this effect. This film is widely discussed because it managed to amaze the eyes of the audience with extraordinary CGI effects! Most of the scenes featuring panoramic views of the sea in the water tribe environment in this film’s story look very interesting.

The use of this effect has a very important role in James Cameron’s film. This technology is needed to create a fictional world called ‘Pandora’, which does not actually exist in the real world. Even to perfect the effect, this film issued a budget of IDR 3.2 trillion during the production process. This makes the film Avatar: The Way of Water 2022 one of the films with the highest costs for using technology!

Although relatively expensive, CGI is very reliable in filmmaking. Here are some of the benefits of using CGI:

Features Stunning Scenes

The use of CGI technology is able to create special effects that make films look realistic and dramatic. This can spoil the eyes of the audience, especially for those who prioritize visuals in a film.

Simplify the Shooting Process

CGI effects can make it easier to create a scene that requires difficult effects or backgrounds.

Minimizing the Risks from Dangerous Scenes

With the use of CGI, dangerous scenes that might cause the actor to get injured can be minimized. Such as falling and explosion scenes that can be tricked with the use of CGI.

Reducing Recruitment of Extras

It’s not uncommon for a film to require a lot of extras for certain scenes. But with CGI, scenes that require a crowd, no longer have to recruit a lot of extras.

Beautiful display of CGI effects, formed from the integration of computer images with locations and objects from the real world. The combination of these two elements produces a visual that looks realistic and dramatic. that’s why CGI plays an important role in realizing the imagination that exists in a film.

There are several things that need to be prepared before using this technology in a film, namely a large studio set, software applications, green screens and lighting.

By Eliza