How to build a Car Reservation System for Rental Company | DDI Development

Traditionally, if a person or customer wanted to rent a car, they’d have to do so through contacting the service desk of the rental facility and having to go through numerous processes.

It’s the 21st century. Life should be way easier than that. The world has moved to an internet age where people are more likely to carry out their activities online. As the world is evolving, businesses should also evolve to keep up with the pace and ensure business sustainability.

Car rental companies achieve this by building software designed for booking vehicles and ensure secure and smooth interaction with the customers and manage car reservations without stress. On, you’ll find reviews and customer experiences on best car rental software that have user-friendly interfaces and secure user information.

Creating a Car Rental Software

The frontend of a car rental software should be easily accessible and should be able to manage rental bookings. At the same time, the backend basically provides tools that would help these companies effectively manage their operations.


Since a vehicle rental platform would have multiple users, there’s a need to classify the users into

•           Customers: The users are allowed to check through various vehicle options and make payments using the software.

•           Moderators: These users answer to the customers, i.e. they are in charge of request approval or dismissals and answering questions.

•           Administrators: These are the managers of the platform.

Software Basics

There are two parts needed to build an online rental software which includes:

•           The database

•           The system

The database handles data while the system is in charge of performance. The software structure is divided into various groups, which include; databases (for handling data, reporting and statistics), Application programming interface(either use of browser or mobile devices, payment processes and google maps), and background processes which include insights generator, real-time notices and so on.

Client Requirements for Car Rental Software

1.      Real-time availability updates

These requirements can be met with two features which include:

  • Online car reservation systems: this entails a place where users can proceed to make reservations and can fill forms that contain names, contact number or email address, pick up date, car type, three rental options (hour, day or month rent), number of cars and so on. Reservations get accepted and approved or rejected by moderators.
  • Vehicle management: Moderators use this feature to know what cars are available to be rented out or needs repairs.

2.      Drag and drop quotations

This feature allows users to see how much it costs to rent a vehicle before reservations are made and are user friendly and flexible.

3.      No limitations for pick-up and drop-off locations

Various car rental software may have low frequencies for pick up and drop offs but allows unlimited locations tracked by Google Maps API on the software.

4.      Integration with payment platforms.

Trusted payment platforms are integrated into the software to enable the user to proceed with payment.

Car rental management software is basically designed to make life easier for the vehicle providers and the customer. It’s a win-win situation as car rental companies are more efficient in managing their resources and customers’ requests and convenient for the customer. They don’t have to go through the long, boring traditional method of renting a car.

By Eliza