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Zurn Z1231-79-F/K-12634 Concealed Arm Bathroom Carrier

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Addition of Watts Carriers further enhances the extensive hanger and carrier libraries introduced in v3.5. The Q-Palettes toolbar now includes a fly-out carrier menu that allows users to load both Watts and Zurn Carriers into AutoCAD palettes. To make carrier access even easier, v3.6 introduced the Q-Carriers toolbar. This toolbar allows users to quickly toggle between the Watts Carriers library and the Zurn Carriers library during drawing.

1,000 + fixtures
The project was so large that there were more than 1,000 plumbing fixtures to install. Right Way Plumbing installed all of the fixtures, including Zurn carriers, flush valves, toilets, urinals and faucets. Charlotte Pipe & Foundry PVC was used for the sewer and waste piping.


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