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  • Your Walmart Baby Box will include products that are perfect for your baby and you!
  • BOWIE— Not everyone wants a Walmart store in the Duvall Village shopping center.
  • Dwyer and her supporters say they also have security concerns regarding a Walmart store.

1979The Walmart Foundation was established.

Too low to display

But Walmart isn’t taking the country anywhere. The country is taking Walmart into places it probably won’t survive. All Walmart can do is try to get stuff to sell at prices that are low enough to attract shoppers. The minute the economy gets tough enough that people stop shopping at Walmart, then they will join Borders and Circuit City in the ash pit of history.

Retail giants Target and Walmart attract millions of customers with their low-price advertising. But which company actually offers the lowest price to consumers?


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In the United States, Walmart is consistently non-union. This is why the company presents such a large target. If the UFCW were able to get a foothold into the company in the U.S., they could use that to try and pressure more of the company to unionize. That would be a very effective way to gain a lot of new members for the union, even as they .