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  • Traffic cones, blinking lights, the smell of freshly poured asphalt — road construction is a familiar feature of summertime in Bend.

Work Area Protection 18PVCS Polyvinyl Chloride Standard Traffic Cone with 4" VSB Reflective Collar, 7-1/4" Diameter x 18" Height, Fluorescent Orange


Traffic cones (also called road cones, pylons, safety cones or construction cones) are used to provide advance warning of safety hazards and redirect traffic. When purchasing traffic cones or other channelizers it is important to be informed safety standards in your areas so that you are meeting the appropriate guidelines. We outline some basic guidelines below and a link to the MUTCD online manual.

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The researchers targeted the wireless control systems at each intersection, avoiding any tampering with the actual junction boxes, which might be detected by passers-by (though seriously, some high-viz vests and a couple of traffic cones would likely serve as perfect camouflage), and worked with the permission of a local Michigan traffic authority.