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How To Install a Security Camera System for Homes & Businesses

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The security threats your business faces evolve with each passing year and the days of having a single security guard with a paper sign-in sheet to keep your company safe are long over. Virtual Surveillance has designed, engineered, and installed modern surveillance solutions to protect thousands of clients across all industries and sectors from the modern security threats to their people, assets, and properties. From initial discovery to implementation and integration, our staff of security professionals is there at every step of the way to ensure that your video surveillance system installation goes smoothly.

Site Survey. Our process involves meeting with you at your site for a survey to determine your areas of concern for your surveillance camera systems. We will put together a detailed design and plan and a proposal and a free estimate for the surveillance camera equipment and installation. We also provide surveillance camera systems installation in Manhattan NY. In addition to providing our state of the art equipment we will provide professional installation of your surveillance camera system as well as ongoing training and support services.


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