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Floracraft Styrofoam Balls, 2-Inch, White, 12 Per Package

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Alright, so let’s get started. Remember that you can use any size styrofoam balls! It looks better when you have varying sizes. You can really use anything spherical that got glue adheres to. Okay, let’s begin crafting!

Create with Styrofoam! Styrofoam Balls allow you to be endlessly creative and can be used in so many ways. Cut them, glue them, sand them, sculpt them, paint them (acrylics only; solvents may damage the material), cover them with fabric or paper, and more. Unleash your inner imagination station!


DIY Scrap Fabric Covered Styrofoam Balls DIY Ready

We love using the styrofoam balls to make static bags - put a scoop of the foam in a zipper bag and zip; run a plastic spoon in your hair and then across the bag to watch the styrofoam balls jump and attract to the spoon. We send this as a take-home for kids after their electricity program and they love it! The only caveat - making the styrofoam bags on a dry day is a challenge...those balls want to go everywhere BUT inside the bag!