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Straight Talk $45 30 Day Service Card (Mail Delivery)

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The greatest thing about the Straight Talk LG Optimus Logic is the price. This is the most affordable phone to hit the Straight Talk product lineup to date. The phone runs a mere $89.99, and with the minimal costs of Straight Talk’s Unlimited Prepaid Wireless plans, the whole package is incredibly affordable. The Optimus Logic, like most , can only be used with Straight Talk’s $45 and $60 unlimited plans.

Straight Talk offers wireless services for no contract smartphones. They offer a variety of smartphones for sale in WalMart stores, and on their website. offers a unique plan of $45 per month for unlimited talk, text and data through their service. Service is offered through either Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T, dependant on the type of phone purchased and used. They also offer options to and have Straight Talk service installed on it. Check out the following and select the best Straight Talk promo code or discount for you.


Straight Talk SIM does not work with the $30 All You Need Plan.

Oh, did I mention Straight Talk disconnected my service after saying that I needed a new SIM, so when I went back to Verizon, I could not port my original number?