• Twin pack quick set mouse traps. these traps are easy to set and allow you to dispose of the mouse without having to touching it.
  • Victor quick set mouse trap
  • Victor quick set mouse trap

Victor M130 Quick Set! Mouse Trap


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The easiest trap to use, the Victor Quick Set Mouse Trap is set and released with one simple "click" and poses no risk to fingers.

Each trap can then be placed against the wall for immediate mouse control.

We all know what happens when you build a better metaphoric mousetrap, but one company has built a better real one, and awaits as the world beats a path to its door.

If you’ve ever had a mouse in your house, you’ve probably also had a Victor Quick Set Mousetrap—the familiar wooden base with spring-loaded bar that traps the mouse when it goes for the bait. The new Victor Quick Set Mousetrap sports a redesign that brings manufacturing back to the USA from China, increases employment, and has a positive economic impact while decreasing the environmental impact.

(Lititz, PA), a manufacturer of rodent control products, control products for pets and wildlife, natural solutions for lawns and gardens, and wild-bird-feeding products, invented the mousetrap in the 1800s and has been in business for more than 150 years. To make trapping mice and other rodents easier and more user friendly, the company redesigned its traps—enter the Victor Kill & Seal, a hygienic mousetrap that seals in the parasites that may be on the mouse, as well as body fluids.


Rentokil Quick Set Mouse Trap (Twinpack)