• Panasonic Lumix SZ7 digital camera
  • The Panasonic Lumix SZ7 is a 14.3MP ultracompact digital camera with a 10x optical zoom.
  • Panasonic Lumix Dmc Sz7 14 1 Megapixel Digital Camera
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Panasonic Leather Case for Panasonic Lumix SZ-7, SZ-5, SZ-1 Digital Cameras

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The Panasonic Lumix SZ7 digital camera is available for retail in the United States and carries a suggested retail price of $480 USD. The Panasonic camera will be available in the colours; black, white and brown. Availability of colors and Lumix accessories may differ depending on the country. Please check the Panasonic Lumix website in your region for more details.

This new offers AC / USB power charging so users can connect to an AC outlet or Personal Compter for quick battery recharging. Compact and easy to carry around, this new charging solution will be much appreciated. Combining an massive 10x optical zoom packed into a small body, the new Panasonic Lumix SZ7 digital camera is set to be firm favorites. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7 is a photographers dream!


Panasonic Product Support - DMC-SZ7K

Hi. I am Paul Hochman for the New Simple. [MUSIC PLAYING] I've always liked the idea that great things can come in small packages. I'm speaking about engineering of course. More proof, the Panasonic Lumix SZ7. Yes, it's tiny. Easy on the eyes. It feels great in the hands. Tactility soothing like a bar of soap but a lot easier to hold on to. And yet the SZ7 packs a serious photographic and technological punch. It's got a 25 millimeter wide angle, like a lens, with 10x optical zoom. One of the slimmest optical 10x zoom cameras on the market. Perfect for travel but without compromising your optics. Meaning, Leica is world renowned for its distortion free lenses. So the SZ7 can snap great looking pictures of subjects near and far and still fit comfortably in your pocket. Speaking of tech, the SZ7 has Panasonic's 10th of a second light speed auto focus system. See it, shoot it, capture it. Virtually no shutter lag. All captured by a 14.1 megapixel low light MOS sensor. It even shoots full HD video, accessed with a dedicated video record button. Even has a stereo mic for a rich realistic sound. Sounds perfect. I'm Paul Hochman for the New Simple.