• Dry your hair and scalp before applying Rogaine.
  • How to apply Men's ROGAINE® Unscented Foam
  • Rogaine is the brand name for topical minoxidil.
  • Avoid applying Rogaine to irritated areas of the your scalp.

You should never swallow or ingest Rogaine.

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Rogaine is a hair re-growth product that is scientifically proven to be effective. A lot of men around the world use different types of hair loss products or treatments that are reported to be helpful. Consequently, Rogaine has acquired enormous acceptance from users around the globe, but many still question, does it really work?

I hope that these guys serve as inspiration for anyone considering using ROGAINE® Foam or anyone who has had a hard time sticking to their application routines. It goes to show that if you use it correctly, you can see some amazing results. Too often I see guys dissuaded by the thought that they need to keep using the product even after they see results. It’s all worth it in the end though!


So I and me went down to the yoga studio the next day.

I started using the formula and gained new hair growth sooner than the time suggest. So satisfying I recommended it to my sisters. Now all six of us have thicker fuller great hair. I can't thank Rogaine enough.