• Neck Brace: When It’s Used
  • "In fact, the neck brace has to be washed regularly and disinfected," said the lawyer.
  • Let's just say the slugger is lucky he was wearing a neck brace.
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Overview: One look at Handsome’s modern Neck Brace design and its focus is on lightness and discretion becomes apparent. While neck braces are the simplest solution for stabilizing the head, they’re often the most obvious and cumbersome. To combat this problem, the new design utilizes an open and lightweight nylon structure weighing in at just 80 grams. It not only feels cooler but is more comfortable by placing the weight of the head on the sternum rather than the collarbone.

South Korean cyclist Park Sang-hoon had to be taken from the track on a stretcher wearing a neck brace after a huge crash in Monday's omnium points race in the velodrome.


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The hard neck brace provides rigid support and is designed to be worn at all times. It limits movements of the head and provides a great deal of support as the neck and heal. Made of a stiff plastic, the hard neck brace should have adequate padding and the doctor should check for a proper fit to ensure the patient's comfort.