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Oversized Folding Moon Chair, Multiple Colors, Large, Round (Black)


The “traditional” moon chair is three to five feet wide, but only a about “a foot and a quarter” (15 inches) deep. The round cushion is usually made out of a velveteen material with thick cotton filling. The round frame that holds the cushion is made of rattan or wicker wood.

Indonesia was the original home of what, there, is called the Papasan Chair. And this chair might still be almost unknown to the rest of the world were it not for its popularity with American service men and women stationed in the Philippines in the 1950’s. The moon chair was such a hit that many Americans sent chairs home to relatives in the U.S. and brought chairs back with them when they returned to the United States.


Plata half moon chair Lisa Jarvis

With plenty of room to kick back and watch the world go by, the Moon chair folds up quickly for ease of transport and is steel framed for strength.