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ParacordPlanet 10' 550 Cord Hank of Type III 550 Paracord - Dark Green

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There are two main utilization options for Green Roofs: one, as a wonderful roof garden with a pleasant view for the owner; the other, an undisturbed habitat for flora and fauna within grey city centres. Both variations provide a broad range of private and public benefits. Deciding on which utilization to focus is crucial and has to be considered as early as the planning stage. In addition, the maximum load bearing capacity, maintenance, plant selection, substrates and the expense budgeting must correspond with the desired Green Roof type.

Semi-Intensive Green Roofs in terms of requirements fall in between Extensive and Intensive Green Roof systems. More maintenance, higher costs and more weight are the characteristics for the intermediate Green Roof type compared to that of the Extensive Green Roof.


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