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Cobble Hill Create Your Own Puzzle - Single Jigsaw Puzzle, 20-Piece Tray Puzzle


Create Your Own Puzzles! Now little artists (and big ones too) can create their own puzzles. These blank puzzles are made with high-quality board and are sturdy enough for paints. This blank floor puzzle is two sided and has 36 pieces. Puzzle measures 36" x 24" when complete.

Cobble Hill Puzzle Compay of Victoria, BC has come out with another unique puzzle product.

“Create Your Own Puzzle” is a fun, new way to enjoy jigsaw puzzles:

These are puzzles are the ultimate craft keepsake. Now little artists have a vast canvas to cover with their imaginations and a puzzle to play with when they are done. Cobble Hill high quality pieces are thick and durable, so the puzzles can be assembled over-and-over again. They build puzzles to last!!! For ages 3 and up.

Cobble Hill puzzles are made in North America. They use environmentally friendly inks and 100% recycled fibers.


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