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BabySmart Cooshee Hybak Booster Seat, Onyx, 3 Plus


The Cooshee Hybak Booster by Babysmart is...not so smart.

Sure, they are one of the only boosters on the market that don't need to be strapped to the chair because the squishee Cooshee grips the seat all by itself. It grips it SO well, in fact, that it takes the finish right off our chairs!

Sure, they are soft and cozy for little tooshies and they help keep kids seated during the long and boring meals we adults have, but that softness means the seats easily bend, and crack, then break. We've lost kid-sized CHUNKS out of these seats.

Sure, the Cooshee hybak has a molded high back for additional support, but what good is the high back on a hybak if the missing chunks make it a low? Or less?

And sure, it comes in lots of happy colors like bright green, purple, pink, baby blue and of course, the bland black for those of us who prefer our kitchen to look more adultish than kiddish. But what good is a happy color if the broken Cooshee finds itself in a nasty trashcan in less than a year's time?

Yes, less than a year's time.

We've bought three of these seats, at a tune to $40 a seat, PLUS shipping, so we're talking here a grand total of $150 spent on Cooshee Hybaks. Within less than a year, they were Cooshee no-baks.

Two were cracked and broken beyond belief, and one had completely fallen apart. I used Gorilla Glue on the broken ones, called Customer Service in the meantime to complain, and was grateful to learn they would replace ONE of my boosters. But since I've received the new one, the last two have met the trashcan. Even the Gorilla Glue couldn't hold the poor things together!

I suspect the problem lies in whatever material these things are made from. They arrive somewhat squishable and then slowly, over time, become harder and harder so that any pressure applied to the hybak by a child climbing into the seat causes deep creases, which in turn cause tears, then the loss of entire portions of the seat.

And a note to parents with small children: Once these things begin to break apart, they become a choking hazard. The pieces of "foam" (or whatever that "stuff" is) can be easily broken off the seat.

I do not recommend these seats, and I will never buy anything like them again. I'm patiently writing, in fact, for the day when our replacement seat bites the dust so I can finally refinish my chairs and be done with all this insanity.

It's hard watching all that money go to waste. I wish I'd just spent $10 on regular hard plastic boosters. They would have respected the dignity of my poor chairs, kept their shape flawlessly, and lasted till my kids had kids.

Live and learn!

Big fans of the Cooshee Booster seat. My son came out of a classic booster (the plastic kind you strap onto a chair) pretty early, before he turned 2 - at almost 3, he still needs a booster, and this Cooshee seat has bridged the gap between classic booster and nothing at all beautifully - and at over a year old, it still looks brand new - and believe me, this seat takes a beating. We had to take him out of the strapped chair, because one night at dinner, he wanted to sit next to big sis, and right before our eyes, hopped himself, strapped into the booster seat, on a kitchen chair, all the way over to her. I remembered some friends talking about this product, so I went out the next day and purchased one. He loved it right from the start - no more straps, so he felt like a big boy. It's very comfortable for him to sit on, so much better than a hard, molded plastic chair, so mealtimes were instantly improved - he wasn't clamoring to get out within 5 minutes of sitting down. The seat adheres to the chair with his body weight, and it does not budge, not even a millimeter - even when he's climbing up and into the seat himself, using the sides to pull himself up. Wipes clean easily, has yet to stain. It came with a carrying case, so its easy to throw in the car when visiting friends/family, or eating out at a restaurant. We've even taken it with us on plane trips - it is very lightweight. Excellent product - I recommend it all the time.


BabySmart Cooshee Booster Hybak - Right Start

Hi, I am really interested in this babysmart cooshee booster in offered green – lime colour. Can you confirm me this colour, please? May I ask you for the final price (inclued postage to Czech Republic)?
Thank you very much for your answer.