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Compaq Presario 5000 Series Desktop Computers (5423US)

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If you had this Compaq Presario Desktop PC, you wouldn’t be so busyshouting about feet and killers and being all complainey. You’d behappy, because you’d have a nice PC with some room to grow. You’dprobably be playing and smiling a whole lot more besides.

I've had my model of Compaq Presario desktop for seven years and it is still working while all my other friends and family members have gone through numerous laptops and desktops. This is year seven and it's only now that it has started to runs sluggishly with the new Ram-heavy programs coming out. I do not have the full ram capabilities on my Compaq. My computer runs XP media center and has a CD/DVD burner drive along with memory card slots.

The biggest issue I've had has been with the CD burning. Unlike other computers I've owned/presently own, it will not burn to certain brands of CD-R's. I've gone through several brands trying to find one and finally settled on using DVD-R's for my data storage needs.

This is an excellent computer for someone who doesn't want to game heavily or edit videos.

My Compaq Presario has been a reliable computer for the past seven years and with a little updating I think it will continue to be reliable in the future.

Ease of Use
It's ease of use, like other PC's, will depend on the user's experience regarding computers.

Hardware Quality
CD burner wouldn't burn certain CD-R's, even thought they're from the same brand or same spiral.

Support & Service
Never had to contact support or service.

Not many can keep a still optimally functional compute for seven years. That's a testament to it's durability.

I don't like the design of two of USB ports at the front of the computer. They're pushed much too closer together.

I've had no issues other than viruses that affected it's performance.


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