• Color Film Developing and Prints
  • I had heard from some people that “Cross Processing” was actually ONLY when developing color film with other types of color film developers.
  • -pictures from C41 or E6 (or older color process) color films developed in a b/w developer first, and in another developer afterwards
  • I had always been forced to rely on others to do my color film development, I do my black and white on my own.

Ultrafine Unicolor C-41 Powder Developer Kit (1 Liter)

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In the video Photography_Bloke takes a first-hand look at developing color film via C–41 process. A bit more difficult than comparatively standard black and white development, he details each delicate step of the color film development process.

Before ordering this kit I did a lot of online research on color film development. Turns out there are two important issues with color film developing: the chemicals have short shelf life and you need to be able to work at high temperature. The Digibase C41 kit is an exception to both: it has excellent shelf life and, even more important for the home-developer, it works over a very wide temperature range. The lucky few who have the means to heat up the solutions to a temp of 45°C can go for the rapid developing process. But even the rest of us, who are depending on a bucket of hot tap water, are all set with this kit!


Developer: 3:30; Blix: 6:30; Rinse: 3:00; ..