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  • When it comes to finding the best cheap prepaid cell phone plans in the United States, there are certainly a lot of companies to choose from.

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T-Mobile is always an exciting company to keep tabs on and they seem to change more frequently than any other mobile service provider. At the moment their prepaid plans offer the widest selection, all of which offer unlimited talk and text; the difference is in the data. For 500MB you pay $40 per month, for 1GB you pay $50, for 3GB you pay $60, and for 5GB it is $80. All of these options give you the ability to text internationally, and you can add additional features to most plans, aside from the $40 one. T-Mobile allows nearly any unlocked phone, has a wide selection of really nice top notch phones of their own, and has reportedly wonderful customer service. Of the selection from top carriers, this is one of the best cheap prepaid cell phone plans available.

Another big carrier, which is better known for contracts than prepaid plans but they do provide a prepaid option. For only $25 each month you can get 250 minutes, unlimited messaging, but no data. For $40 you can get 500 minutes, unlimited messaging and 500MB of data. For $60 you can get unlimited talk and messaging and 2.5GB of data. Packages can be extended for additional money each month, and unlike Verizon they offer a pay-as-you-go package at 20 cents per message and 10 cents per minute for voice calls. This might not be the absolute best cheap prepaid cell phone plans in the country, but it isn't bad.


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