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  • Which leads to the inevitable question: Are cellphones in the classroom good or bad?
  • Cellphone use is not allowed in bathrooms or locker rooms at any time.
  • She deals with cellphone-carrying students in the classroom and at home.

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I admit I would never receive a halo for exemplary cellphone behaviour. But I do believe I’m self-aware enough to recognize when and where mobile use is appropriate.

There was a stage in my life when I went through cellphones at a rapid rate of knots, and I was forced to ask friends to use whatever old models they had lying around the house.


Cellphone Case Holds Shocking Surprise

Local police took a clandestine tack. They got a court order for data about every cellphone that connected to five providers' towers on the girl's route. Later, they asked for 15 more cellphone site data dumps.