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We didn’t exactly buy our dream house–more like a house in our dream location. In a vacuum, our house is fairly mundane (though I like it–designed with function in mind and well built). But the house is located on a hillside on the east coast of Vancouver Island. We have a sweeping view of our neighborhood, a bay, and a locally iconic mountain. I wouldn’t trade the venue for any house that’s in a boring setting.

A $200,000 house may not be your dream house, in many markets that may not get you a starter home. Most people will not be able to buy their dream house when they buy their first house. It will take time and hard work to build yourself into a position to buy your dream home. One way to buy your dream home is to but this article will focus on doing it strictly with real estate. One reason I love real estate so much is that you can . With the stock market and most products you buy them at market value. Houses can be bought below market value because they are not , they may need work or the seller may need to sell the house quickly. I buy all of my houses below market value and that is how I am able to make so much money and .


Buying Your Dream Home: How to Avoid a Nightmare