• bluebird card
You can load your bluebird card through walmart so you don't have to write a check.


If your Bluebird Card is lost or stolen, we protect you against fraudulent purchases.


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The benefits of the Bluebird card extend to individuals with bank accounts as well. One notable advantage is a no-bounce check-writing feature. The card also provides users with the capability of having one master account linked to four family accounts, which can be used by anyone over the age of 13. Loading options for prepaid cards are important, and the Bluebird card comes with five free options that include mobile check deposits through the Bluebird app and cash deposits made at Wal-Mart stores. Other features of the card include fraud and purchase protection everywhere that American Express cards are accepted.

The Bluebird card, issued by American Express Company (NYSE: ) and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: ), is a win-win-win in the three areas that individuals often look to first when selecting a prepaid debit card. First, the Bluebird card charges no monthly maintenance fee. The card also does not charge a fee for activation. The third win involves (ATM) usage. The Bluebird card does not charge an ATM withdrawal fee for cash withdrawn at American Express machines or machines from associated issuers. In this same vein, the Bluebird card also carries no charge for balance and other card inquiries made at any ATM.


Bluebird Prepaid Card Reviews - CardHub

I have been using the bluebird card for some time and I am absolutely pleased with it. Beats the tar out of almost any card out there and since I cat get a checking account I have no place else to turn. Some of the other prepay cards are so full of hidden fees they should be banned for usery fees. Sounds to me like you have your own agenda to push and as far as Obama getting a part of the fees, give me a break. As usual big business would have be having a fit because they can't get their grubby little fingers on even more profit for themselves. The greedy are losing their power and blame it on Obama. Get over it the right didn't lose because they are angels but they still don't get that part. Get over it.