• Black Net Knit Beret
  • Quick change: Steinfeld, wearing the same outfit as Monday, alternated between a black knit beret and a wide brimmed hat
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Black Classic Double Layer Slouch Beret, Vintage Chunky Knit Winter Beanie

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Is Kristen wearing a hat?
"in her hipster black knit beret"
"she was wearing a black wool cap that hid most of her dark blond hair"
"with perfectly manicured, shell-colored nails and her hair tucked into a knit billed cap"

In polarized times such as these, nuance can seem all but lost. We cleave so easily down the middle on so many issues that we forget to ask questions that require more refinement. Questions like: Which of Diane Keaton’s hats are you? I am well aware that most online quizzes are clickbait bullpucky, but I may have to make an exception for , posted by Jezebel. It saw right through me: Deep down, I’m a black knit beret.


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