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  • On the desk, an ashtray is filled with 23-year-old cigarette butts and a gas mask.
  • Carefully he snubbed his cigarette in an ashtray, then turned sharply to the girl.
  • Then he picked up a cigar out of an ashtray in front of him and lit it, waiting.

Round Push Down Ashtray with Spinning Tray Black -A32

Too low to display

Even though the practice of smoking has been around since the 16th century, cigarettes did not achieve widespread popularity until the middle of the 19th. Not surprisingly, that’s also about the time when the first ashtrays appeared.

Whether or not you smoke, ashtrays are appealing collectibles for numerous reasons. First, they are small, which means you can acquire hundreds of ashtrays and display them in a relatively finite amount of space. Second, they were made out of a wide range of materials, so if you are a fan of , pounded copper, or , there is bound to be an ashtray for you. Third, ashtrays were produced during some of the most creative periods in history, which means there are ashtrays for fans of the era, , and . Finally, ashtrays are snapshots of their culture, so it is not uncommon to find ashtrays that were produced to advertise products and events of the day.


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Some of you might look at this and wonder about the concept of an ashtray review. You may find yourself wondering if maybe January was a slow month at Cigaropolis, and if soon you’ll see a write up on a pack of matches. Rest assured, all is well, and 2011 will play host to some very interesting reviews. On that note, allow me to introduce the “Stinky” cigar ashtray. If there was ever an ashtray worth writing about, you’re looking at it.