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Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File - Electronic Pedicure Tool - Regular Coarse, Blue (Also Available in Pink Extra Coarse)


ha haaa im laughing at the part where you sat down on it LoL! poor baby for it burning your leg tho 🙁 i hope youre ok! i have it and like it but then again i try EVERYTHING for my feet cause im a pretty feet enthusiats, STILL best deal going is get a foot spa bath for your feet sit and watch tv with your feet soaking for about 30 minutes to an hour and then pumice / use callous scraper massage shea butter on feet then put 2 pairs of thick socks on umph umph upmh GOOD! but imma put this amope in my rotation cause i got mine for $22.50 but now you can go on ebay and get it for $17.55 woo hooo! the BEST to you take care!

Love amope. Bought two weeks ago walgreens . My feet feel wonderful. Plan on going back to buy amope moisturizer. Ladies you will have
Spent money well for your feet . If you tend to stand eight hours like I do and your feet take a beating
The amope will definitely leave them feel in pampered . Thanks pedi perfect


any ONE (1) Amope Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File

Amopé Electronic Nail Care System How-To Video The Amope pedi perfect electronic foot file has gained a lot of popularity in the pedicure and manicure industry and as a result a lot of people started…