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  • , Model SW9VE - 9mm Caliber, Double Action Only, Capacity 16 + 1 rounds.
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Maglula UpLULA Magazine Speed Loader 9mm-.45 ACP UP60B

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On that trip, temperatures fluxed more than 160-degrees, from a steamy 84.5 degrees at ground level all the way down to -77.8 degrees Fahrenheit as the 9mm cartridge reached its highest point. Then, we imagine the weather balloon that powered the journey froze up and the ammunition began a parachuted fall to ground. Or, Russians intercepted our delivery and are now studying the NATO round to glean whatever knowledge possible from our technology.

We pulled our best physicists off the warehouse floor and we came up with a solution: put a round of 9mm Luger round into near space so our NATO allies would be properly armed in the event Russian relations become even more hostile and cold than they are currently.


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Shortly after the first World War, other shooters started to recognize the caliber for its potential as a defense caliber. 9mm Parabellum really started to grow in popularity among American shooters in the early 1980's. At that point, the United States military shifted to the Beretta Model 92, a handgun chambered in 9mm.