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Netis A1102 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit PCI Network Adapter / Card, 32/64-bit, Supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux

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There is no such thing as a 64 bit modem and there will not be either. No one is going to make a more than an eight bit chip uart. and the pretence by connexant that they will make a driver for their passive chips is a market ploy to keep using your code for their cheap chips.

I guess it is basically simillar to the xp 64 bit modem drivers symptoms I'm presently looking at myself. the situations didn't go away, although windows manager applied xp 64 bit modem drivers I wanted to make contact with the manufacturer however they did not answer back, so i made a decision to consider your scanner. at the outset i couldn't discover how to make the buy, still afterward, the actual install was really easy, and so was the scan. so many bad drivers had been changed (it found 30 more) about the order - I saw the order form is at the window below, therefore i made the order and now all things are alright once again. So I do think there is a happy conclusion, despite the fact that I spent too much effort on that trouble.


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