• Product #: 5461-I
  • Simplicity Pattern 5461 for Teddy Bears with by clevercrafting, $3.75
  • Industry Group 546: Retail Bakeries5461 Retail Bakeries
  • 5461 on RTM tour train at Valley Heights in the early 1980s

Avery Print/Write Self-Adhesive Removable Labels, 0.75 Inch Diameter, Light Blue, 1,008 per Pack (5461)

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CX-5461 was revealed to inhibit Pol I transcription via promoting the stabilization of p53. In addition, CX-5461 has been demonstrated to induce autophagy and senescence but not apoptosis in MIA Paca-2 and A375 cell lines.

CX-5461 is a potent and orally bioavailable small-molecule inhibitor of rRNA synthesis that specifically inhibits RNA polymerase (Pol) I-driven transcription with IC50 value of 142 nM. CX-5461 exhibits antiproliferative activity against human pancreatic tumor cells MIA Paca-2, human melanoma cells A375 and colorectal carcinoma cells HCT-116 with EC50 values of 74, 58, and 167 nmol/L, respectively. [1].


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Memory Bear. What do you do with the clothes that belonged to a loved one that has passed? Create a memory bear that will always remind you of them. Simplicity #5461 pattern (E bear)