• 2000-2001 Engine S/N X M 318 YYYY XXXX
  • IC 752 - MÁV-TR TRAXX 480 001 engine in Budapest
  • IC 505 - MÁV-TR TRAXX 480 001 engine's 'death' in Budapest
  • 001 Engine. Test Project ((MegaMan))

Aisin TKH-001 Engine Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump

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Such a powerful development tool that never gets enough credit. I have been using 001 since 2007 and I am AMAZED at the progress that has been made in the past years and excited to see this Engine packing so much power now. Also a great forum for quick community and developer Tech Support if you ever get snagged! It really can't be beat. Whether you're an artist that has no interest in programming but would like to make a game, a newbie to the programming world that wants to wrap your head around coding logic, or a seasoned programmer that's looking for something a little more interesting than solid walls of code(although the engine does support text scripting, if that is really your thing)then Engine001 is DEFINITELY for you! My current project, Krown is being developed with the 001Engine, so if you want to see 001 in action, check it out.

Most of the game creation is done by a point-and-click system; even the scripting. There is a huge amount of readily user-made resources for download on the 001 Engine Website. The engine is also regularly updated and gets even more impressive as time goes by.


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