The longer it is used, the laptop’s performance will decrease. The loading process slows down, or opening the application is not as fast as it used to be.

Laptops that are not showing their best performance can be caused by various factors such as age, or how to use them that have passed the maximum limit.

Some of the common problems that occur are that the process of carrying out activities or when opening applications will slow down. it is not uncommon for laptops to lag or freeze.

In this article, we will describe how to make your laptop not lag and its performance can return again. But keep in mind, the following methods are not always 100 percent successful.

Even so, it can at least reduce the problems faced related to laptop performance that becomes slow. Here’s how to deal with a slow laptop that’s easy and fast.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

If you already have a laptop, sometimes we want to try various applications. However, if we install too many applications, the storage capacity on Drive C will be full and make the system take too long to read the hard disk.

The long-term effect, of course, will be one of the causes of a slow laptop. How to overcome a slow laptop because there are too many applications can be done by uninstalling some applications that are never or rarely used.

Try selecting which applications are rarely used. You can also check for applications that were accidentally installed while browsing, then when downloading content from certain websites, or when installing.

Only use applications that suit your needs, because it’s a shame if the memory is full because applications are often idle.

This is a fairly easy way to keep your laptop from sluggish, because you don’t need to use special software or techniques.

In fact, you actually reduce the laptop’s memory load by removing unnecessary applications and software, which causes the laptop to decrease in performance.

Use Antivirus

One of the classic reasons why a laptop device becomes slow is because it is exposed to a virus or malware. Like humans, laptops can also be affected by diseases that result in decreased laptop performance.

So that the laptop is not slow due to virus attacks, you can install the best antivirus to eliminate all kinds of viruses. And make sure to always check it regularly.

In addition, always update the antivirus so that various viruses can be read with the installed antivirus.

Use Applications According to Laptop Specifications

Before buying, laptop owners must know the specifications of the laptop. This will help the owner to assess whether the application that he wants to put into the laptop is in accordance with his specifications or not.

Customize Application Usage

Forcing RAM performance by turning on applications excessively is also one of the causes of a slow laptop. For example, when we are playing games, we often open the music player application at the same time.

In fact, the game processing alone is already heavy, but still coupled with a music player. Adjust the use of the application to the specifications of your laptop.

You can also activate the task manager feature to control RAM usage when running several applications at once as a way to keep the laptop from slowing down.

Clean Desktop and Applications When Laptop Starts

Putting a lot of applications on the desktop can also be another reason why your laptop is slow. If you use a laptop with large specifications, then this will not be a problem. But sometimes we put too many applications on the desktop causing the laptop to be slow in responding to commands from the user.

In addition, also keep an eye on applications that run when the laptop is in startup activity. Although the application that runs when the laptop is startup is an important application, such as an antivirus.

Try not to have too many applications running when the laptop is startup, because this will cause the laptop to slow down. Because the application is working in the background, which secretly eats up RAM capacity.

Increase RAM Capacity

Another way to overcome a slow laptop is to add RAM. Initially, when buying a laptop, sometimes we buy a cheaper laptop with lower RAM, for example 4 GB.

Even though you want to have a faster laptop. The addition of 8 GB RAM capacity or 16 GB RAM can be circumvented after you have more pockets.

But don’t just add RAM capacity, pay attention to the RAM specifications (DDR3 RAM, or DDR3L RAM, and DDR4 RAM) and also the maximum capacity of RAM that can be applied to our laptops.

Reset Windows

The age of an old laptop does not only affect hardware performance, but also software. One of the most frequently affected is the operating system (OS), especially Windows.

If Windows has an error, then its performance is not optimal or often crashes. If it’s too severe, we recommend resetting or reinstalling your Windows.

But, if you are interested, you can also change Windows to another OS that is lighter, such as Linux, there are many Linux-based OS currently available, you just need to choose the one that suits you.

Indeed, it must be admitted that Windows is much more supportive of productivity with the many features it brings. But at least this OS switch will make the laptop’s performance better.

By Eliza