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  • Who have a 10$ zynga game card?. I want to redeem a zynga game card.
  • Level up your game play! Use Zynga Game Cards for in-game currency to buy the items you want.
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Facebook Gift Cards - E-mail Delivery


Getting your own free Zynga game cards couldn’t be easier, simply sign up for and complete offers on their website. PrizeRebel has been around since 2007 (ironically the same year that Zynga started) and offers a large number of game related gift cards to its millions of members for free. PrizeRebel gives out thousands of these gift cards everyday.

I’ve used this method for the past few years to get some free energy or items in a number of Zynga games including my two favourite games; Mafia Wars and FarmVille. Which game you load up your Zynga game account for is completely up to you though, you can see the full list of games that accept Zynga Game Cards .


Zynga Facebook Game Card | buy game card $15, $20, $25, $50

Zynga has updated the bonus that is given to users who redeem a Zynga Game Card in the game. Now, instead of simply receiving a , users that redeem a Zynga Game Card will now receive a free Mystery Dart, allowing them one free play in that week's Mystery Game, where they have a chance at one of six exclusive items (animals, decorations and the like, that tend to not be available anywhere else - that is, you must play the game to get them). These darts tend to cost 16 Farm Cash each, depending on the Mystery Game's price during a particular week.