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Zucker Feather Products OS--W Ostrich Feather Selected Spads, 18-24", White

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Zucker Feather Products has been in business since 1872 and is currently the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier for feather products within the industry. We service diverse business and trade professions from costume to couture including Craft, Costume, Fashion & Jewelry Design, Bridal, Lingerie, Millinery, Holiday & Décor, in addition to stage and screen for Theater, Television, Film and Music Industries. Our feather supplies include Peacock feathers, Ostrich feathers, Pheasant feathers, Turkey feathers, Rooster/Chicken feathers, Duck, Goose & Guinea feathers that are available in bulk quantities or smaller packages for resale...

Create beautiful lettering and more with the Zucker Feather Products Value Pack of Quills. These synthetic quill feathers feature pointed tips for writing. Each pack comes with 25 feather quills in assorted colors. The quills can be used as decor or stage props for added versatility.


Zucker Feather Turkey Flats 0.5oz Purple -- CreateForLess