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Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush (Pack of 2)

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I have used a lot of different products to try and stay regular when it comes to the, um, bathroom. The issue I have met is this can lead to results I am not exactly wanting. Cleanses clean my system out so fast that they leave me cramped feeling and I often end up in the bathroom much more than anyone could possibly desire. Then I try fiber-like Metamucil- and I'm left bloated and it really doesn't help much.
Psyllium Husks powder, however, really works! I'm not left feeling bloated or constipated, I'm also not sent to the bathroom more than any one person could possibly want and it doesn't make me cramp at all. It just simply works. I use this powder on a daily basis and it has gone a long way to helping my digestive system.
I am less sensitive to foods like cheese/dairy or breads (which i have a sensitivity, but not an allergy to) and they seem to digest better. I used to eat a plate of mac-n-cheese and it would send me running, but not anymore.
I go on a more regular basis without the fear of it being too soft, or too hard, and it's a comfort to me because either of those are really quite unpleasant. I love that this product is additive and dye free because often additives are just fillers and not really needed in a product and there is no reason to put that stuff in products. I also like that its sweetener/sugar free because, again, it is really not a necessary ingredient and the affect of sugar on the body is really not a good one at all. I love that I'm more regular without any other side effects and have used other Yerba Prima products and really trust this company. Thrive has made it even better for me as well. With a 40% discount off the regular price, which is much cheaper than the Psyllium I was purchasing off of Amazon, it is even more affordable for me to purchase and makes my journey to keep my system clean and clear that much easier and affordable.

The company is proud to be a registered as a food manufacturer and as an Over-The-Counter Drug Manufacturer by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) The company follows the GMP’s manufacturing rules therefore they have stricter than normal industry standards, to ensure the safety, purity and efficacy of all Yerba Prima products. It believes in making high quality products that are pure and natural, and are made only from premium quality ingredients. Extensive testing is done at each step of the manufacturing process, beginning with testing of all incoming ingredients and packaging materials used in its products.


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