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Xbox One Media Remote


The Xbox One Media Remote may not be the remoteless future Microsoft envisioned, but it makes using the Xbox One fit into your living room a whole lot easier -- and that's well worth your $25.

In reality, the Xbox One experience -- outside of the gaming realm -- can sometimes be a . You have to give credit to Microsoft for recognizing that with the release of the Xbox One Media Remote (US$25/£20/AU$30). In reviewing the shortly after its launch, I wrote that it "cries out for a dedicated remote", and that's exactly what the Media Remote delivers, letting you do simple tasks like adjust the volume without using your voice or breaking out the controller.


E3 2008 Xbox Media Briefing Highlights!

If the Xbox One Media Remote can be used instead of the gamepad to quickly navigate the dashboard without having to wake up the remote first, I'd buy it.