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Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Digital Drawing and Graphics Tablet


The alternative: A drawing pad that comes with and uses a 2.9 GHz radio frequency transmitter offers a higher-speed, greater usable distance range and potentially more reliable connection. The trade-off in an RF wireless drawing tablet on your Mac is that the RF transmitter will require a dedicated USB port for the receiver dongle. On Macintosh desktop systems like the iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro that may not be much of an issue since these desktop systems typically include 3 or more USB ports for the dongle. On MacBook Pro and Air laptops, available USB ports are in shorter supply. The tiny USB RF tablet's dongle may be a bit more of an inconvenience onMac systems which don't have alot of extra USB ports.

Product Description
HUION P80 Rechargeable Pen adopts a new and sensitive technology, and is capable of freeing your creativity as never before.

2048 Levels of Pen Pressure

Thanks to the 2048 levels of pen pressure it conveys, you can paint or draw or sketch smoothly on your huion Graphic Tablet.

Rechargeable, Wireless, at least 800 Hours of Continuous Use

Comparing with other traditional digital pens, Huion Professional Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet Pen is much slimmer and lighter. What's more, it is significant to note that this graphic drawing pen really has a good quality as it draws power from a rechargeable Li-ion battery supporting a minimum of 800 hours' continuous use.
In addition, there is an automatic shutdown after about 30 minutes without use so you don't have to worry when you forget to turn it off.


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