• Wii U Controller Price
  • We take a look at the past pricing schemes of Nintendo consoles, and ask our readers to help us guess the expected Wii U price point.
  • So those are some of our initial thoughts, let us know what you think of the 2DS and Wii U price cut in the polls and comments below.
  • In Europe, where the prices have always been set by the retailers, the Wii U trade price will be reduced from October 4.

Nintendo Selects: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD - Wii U


Moving on to the Wii U price cut, this is really long overdue. With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches just around the corner Nintendo simply cannot position “last gen” technology alongside it at a similar price point. It needs to be significantly cheaper to be perceived as offering value. I know Nintendo do not have a culture of subsidising the cost of hardware, but this is the way the game is played now. Sell hardware cheap and recoup the costs on software. Bundling the digital version of Wind Waker HD is a really smart move too. My only concern is that the price cut might still be a little bit on the conservative side.

There's plenty to think about, and a few of the Nintendo Life team have decided to give their initial reactions to the 2DS and upcoming Wii U price cut.


Nintendo WII U Price in India - Next Gen Wii U HD Gaming Console

I have a feeling that the analysts that say the Wii U is priced too high are one of those people that think the gamepad is an expansion for the Wii.