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Where's Spot?


In , Spot played an integral part in saving the crew of the -D. A synthetic became airborne and infected the crew, causing inactive parts of their genetic code to activate and essentially "de-evolve" them. Data and returned from an away mission to the chaotic situation. They made it to Data's quarters, where Spot transformed into an iguana. , just recently born, were unaffected, due to the natural defense mechanisms in the which protect infants from the mother's diseases while in the womb. This led Data to develop a cure using amniotic fluid from , who was also pregnant. (: "")

I am pretty sure Spot was the first book character my little one fell in love with and demanded to read over and over and over again. In this very first book of the series, which just had its 30th birthday, toddlers will love finding where Spot is hiding under the flaps. This is a fantastic introduction to the Spot series.


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