• wheelbarrow mid-14c., from wheel + barrow (1).
  • So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow glazed with rainwater beside the white chickens.
  • We unloaded the wheelbarrow, and Sim went back for the rest of the articles.
  • The provisions and other articles were transported on the wheelbarrow to the tree.

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Szamreta was weeding about 4:15 p.m. alongside the road when a wheelbarrow that was nearby was hit by a Honda Accord, as it was headed north on Rockport Road toward Hackettstown, police said.

“Leave it to some minimalist Germans to design ...” (We think that statement makes sense, but we can’t say for sure. Still. Wheelbarrow barbecue.)



Well I guess I should bring up the negatives.
1. It doesn’t turn like a regular wheelbarrow. After too many years of hauling just about everything it takes some getting used to turning without leaning.
2. The axle on mine (it’s a Stanley) was too far forward for my height, it was causing the nose to dig into uneven surfaces.