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I faithfully used the Walmart Savings Catcher app from the moment I heard about it. When I racked up some savings, I cashed it in on a gift card. As soon as I went to use the card, a clerk at the local store told me my balance was zero. I searched online to find a phone number...not an easy task. Walmart seems to want to keep from being contacted by phone so they don't really have to respond to you.

· What Walmart Savings Catcher tell you… The main staples of your grocery shopping such as meats, vegetables, fruits, deli, bakery and any and all items that need to be weighed at check out will not be price matched under this savings catcher app. Items on sale in multiples such as 2 for $5 milk, 10 for $10 etc is also not “caught” with the savings catcher app. It seems to me that far more things are being dropped rather than caught with this idea, and it is me the consumer who stands to lose.


Walmart Savings Catcher: NEW Savings Program

Hello! I just wanted to show you guys how to use walmart a saving catcher because it SAVES YOU MONEY!!!!! I hope you find this helpful. Thank for watching and leave a comment if you have questions!