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Now that we have seen the latest its time to think about Walmart Black Friday 2015 sales predictions. I have added the front page of the ad from this year below to give you an idea for the types of items that are on typically on sale as well as the discount amount there are awesome that are totally worth checking out. Typically, a Walmart Black Friday sales ad will have over 50 pages and over 500 total items on sale. Not included in the main ad is the Walmart Toy Book which typically features another 100-200 additional items that are on sale throughout the holidays.

The Black Friday 2014 price wars are on. vs. , who will win the price wars. I have done a lot of research on both Walmart and Target Black Friday 2014 sales and I must say, they both have way outdone themselves this year. Last year, both the Target and Walmart Black Friday sales were solid, but compared to what I am seeing from their Black Friday 2014 ads, this year blows previous year’s deals out of the water. For both sites, their HDTV Black Friday 2014 deals are out of this world. Look for quality HDTVs to be sold under $200 (depending on size). One of the main price wars is for Apple products. Look for super competitive pricing on iPads, iPad Airs, iPhones, and even iPods. Both stores are doing their best to earn your business. But it is up to you to do your research and figure out if you want to shop the Walmart Black Friday 2014 sale or the Target Black Friday 2014 sale. Both the and the sale can be shopped online as well as in stores. Plus both stores are offering Free Shipping deals as well for Black Friday. Walmarts Free Shipping offers are better than Target’s, but not by much. In order to get the best Black Friday 2014 deals you will to head online to or to plenty early before all the doorbuster sales are sold out.


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