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Hi, I'm Steve Anthony, I'm a handyman here in New York City. Now wall decorating stencils are used, the most common use for them is to simulate an old wallpaper effect. Now if you look at some historic buildings, you'll see that wallpaper is very ornate, it's not just a simple pattern, it's got some sort of artistic look to it. That has become sort of replaced by more simplistic designs although we're coming back a little bit to that, but the wall stenciling is used to basically cut a shape out of a piece of card stock and take a stenciling brush which is basically a blunted off paintbrush, dip it into your contrasting color from your wall color and stab it onto that stencil basically I don't know how else to describe it. And it creates this pattern on the wall. Now if you're using something like let's say for example a fleur de lis pattern, you'll want to have multiple stencils on one sheet so that you can align them with the previous shapes that you've put on the wall that way you can make a nice straight tracking stenciled design all the way across the wall. It's a really easy way to improve your home. If you're doing an upgrade to your home or maybe somebody you have a friend who need something done and you're having a painting party at their house, suggest that they maybe do some stenciling. It's very simple, you just use a contrasting color from the wall color and use these shapes. You can buy stencils that are made for this purpose or you can use your own design, I mean your imagination is your only limitation. And try it, the nice thing about it, it's paint, if it comes out terrible you can paint over it and start all over again.

Wall decorating stencils are often used to simulate an old wallpaper effect, and this is done by cutting a shape out of a piece of card stock and using a stenciling brush. Use a contrasting color when using wall stencils with help from a professional carpenter in this free video on home improvement and decor.


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