• Plug-and-Play USB headset
  • USB headsets just absolutely will not work with the 360. Will supply power only.
  • Plug and play multimedia USB headset with flexible boom microphone and digital volume control.
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iMicro IM320 USB Headset


Speaker Audio Performance
The speaker's ability to reproduce sound is at the core of what makes a good VoIP headset. This begins with the speaker's frequency response range – the range of audio wavelengths that a speaker is capable of reproducing, measured in hertz. The best USB headsets have a frequency range that can produce bass frequencies as low as 18Hz and frequencies as high as 22kHz.

Price-wise, the sweet spot for USB headsets seems to be about $25-$55. Cheaper models tend to lack inline volume and mute controls. More cash might get you a nicer-looking box, and in a few instances accessories like drawstring bags (which don’t really offer much protection), slightly upgraded materials or design, or even more advanced noise reduction. Unless you use a headset for hours every day and need to carry it around with you, the higher-end models are overkill for most people.


Stereo USB Headset with Microphone, H340 - Logitech

With noise-cancelling microphones to filter out background noise, SoundGuard® technology to protect against audio spikes, and a unique EQ feature to automatically adjust settings to optimize voice or music quality; Plantronics USB headsets provide the freedom to experience effective wideband PC audio anywhere that you need to be.