• unidentified scooter circa late1950s
  • the Unibus scooter manufactured by Gloucestershire Aircraft Company in 1920
  • 1920s Unibus scooter, in grey, at right.
  • original unibus scooter the car on two wheels to his unique collection

Scootering Magazine (July 2014)

Too low to display

Sekedar saran, saat bertemu dengan Vittorio, ajaklah ngobrol tentang Lambretta Model A dan Salesbury 1937. Karena dua skuter itu adalah favoritnya. Atau Anda juga bisa menyinggung Unibus Scooter, sebuah mobil dengan dua roda yang masih jadi buruan Vittorio sampai saat ini.

Thanks to their mechanical simplicity and wide availability, scooters have long played a vital role in the pursuit of personal mobility throughout the world. Not surprisingly, they outsell automobiles in many areas and are even a preferred means of family transportation abroad. In the United States scooters are becoming increasingly popular as gas prices continue to rise, and the motoring public seeks a new way to proclaim their individuality and personal style, on a budget.


L-R Centaur Folding Scooter, Unibus, Mercury, Manege, Bernardet