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  • Modern trivets are made from , , , fabric,  or .
  • trivet has a three-legged trivet; Trumpington two trumps; and Montbocher three pots.
  • Then I'll make him some strong coffee, and he'll be as right as a trivet.

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But tile trivets are also favorites of kitchen collectors. Tile trivets have insulating properties that metal trivets do not (thus they don't need legs), which is why some people like to place decorative ceramic squares rather than dark ironwork on their dinner tables before supper is served.

Most dictionaries define a trivet as a decorative pierced-metal or wire stand that is used as a base for hot , , and pots. The three or more legs on the trivet are there to keep it from directly transferring the heat of the object on top of it to the surface it is designed to protect.


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Because of the limited uses for a pressure cooker trivet, we recommend purchasing a , instead. But if you think you can come up with some new uses for it (we want to hear about it) here they are for purchase.