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"I absolutely love the distressed trash bin and it matches my kitchen perfectly. "


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  • Help to create an eco-friendly lifestyle with Amish Furniture Kitchen Furniture Pine Wood Large Double Trash Bin.
  • All that’s left of the old Vinegar Hill neighborhood is a small plaque near the Omni Hotel, which had been covered by a trash bin.

AmazonBasics Mesh Wastebasket


Select from a wide variety of styles, including basic wastebaskets and bins with standard rectangular designs or steel trash cans with shiny, coated finishes that enhance your decor. You can also find a variety of colors, including black, beige, blue, and gray. Some trash cans have a step on the base that lets you open and close the lid without touching it, and other styles feature built-in handles that allow you to easily turn the trash can upside down when putting trash from smaller trash bins into large outdoor dumpsters. Cigarette receptacles are available for placement next to the designated smoking areas and signage outside your office.

Apparently Whitehall's lucky raccoon wasn't the only one who got itself into trouble and neededrescuing last week. Officers in Gahanna also responded to two reports of raccoons trapped insidetrash bins, according to a police log. The officers opened the receptacles' lids and set thecreatures free.


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Fingerprints are a thing of the past with iTouchless's Finger Print Proof trash cans. The stainless steel trash bins have a special invisible coating that resists dirt and stains and is easy to clean.