• Why toe socks?
  • I love toe socks: they come in such fun designs!
  • I always liked wearing toe socks. They're surprisingly comfortable, too!
  • Injinji Performance Micro Toe Socks

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Toe socks gained popularity in the united states in 1970's and made a big come back in the 1990s as a novelty item worn by adolescent. Toe socks are usually thigh high, striped and if you want to make a fashion statement you can wear them with socks.

. Pamper your feet from heel to toe! Temperature-regulating and a lightweight design make these SmartWool Micro toe socks a comfy, performance-ready favorite.


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The main benefits of toe socks are that it keeps your feet dry and comfortable. Moreover, being fun and fashionable. Toe socks can help reduce friction from your toes rubbing against one another, and from your toes rubbing on your shoe. Traditionally distance runners use toe socks to help prevent blisters. In ordinary socks, our toes only touch each other, and most of the time we are not aware of how our toes slide against one another as we move forward. Toe socks can provide extra sensory feedback that comes from having fabric between your toes, and help draw a person's conscious attention to the movement of the toes during the "toe-off" portion of the stride.