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  • Best Ties for Navy Suits. No Comments; Great Looking Neckties for the Navy Blue Suit. Dark navy blue is one of the most popular colors on a mens suit.

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Best Ties for Tan Suits
Most fashion experts and designers will tell you to be more bold during the spring and summer with your color choice of your tie. The best necktie colors for the spring and summer are pastel tones and bright shades of pink, orange, sky blue, lavender, and lime green. Below are thre ties that we picked out for the tan colored “summer suit”. See below for more specific tips on matching each tie.

Buying the right tie for a suit requires finding a tie that has some of the same family of colors that are in the suit and shirt. Avoid matching a tie to a suit color exactly. Choose a tie that is either darker or lighter than a suit with help from an image consultant and etiquette specialist in this free video on men's clothing.


Few fashion accessories can enhance an outfit like a necktie