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The Pioneer Woman Flea Market 5-Piece Prep Set, 4-Piece Measuring Bowls with 4-cup Measuring Cup

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Kim Thomas aka Kimberly Drummond Thomas, a certified wack job and the Pioneer Woman's hired gun, stalks The Marlboro Woman 24/7 from proxy servers and VPNs. Following Kim's sloppy cyber-trail led to the black hole she operates from in The Woodlands, Texas. She's been banned from the MW site for years, but Kim can't let it go. Sooo she revisits this unmoderated site repeatedly, using multiple pseudonyms, trying in vein to get someone to listen to her speculative diatribe. Poor Kim needs an intervention. Stalking people isn't healthy plus it's illegal

Haupt sees The Pioneer Woman as a modern-day Betty Crocker, someone who turned herself into a living trademark to sell a product. Her image of happy domesticity is just that – an image – argues Haupt, and a potentially damaging one at that. As she writes:


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Her plainspoken posts feature a cast of stock characters—Marlboro Man; her children; Cowboy Josh; her developmentally disabled brother, Mike; her sister, Betsy; her friend Hyacinth; the family’s basset hound, Charlie—who live in a kind of domestic idyll. The Pioneer Woman is like an artifact from a more wholesome era: Ozzie and Harriet on a ranch. Even the graphics look vintage—flowers and filigreed letters in the muted colors of an antique map. There is no serious conflict, no controversy, no cynicism, no snark. Drummond doesn’t discuss politics or engage in cultural criticism; she doesn’t even gossip. Whole continents of contemporary worry go unmentioned: this is a universe free from credit-card debt, toxins, “work-life balance,” and marital strife. The blog provides an escape from the viperous forces elsewhere on the Internet. Depending on your circumstances and your disposition, the relentless good cheer can seem either admirable or annoying.